☣ Sleepover


Someone liked her outfit. Despite her efforts, the red head couldn’t stop a small smile from growing on her lips. Shyly, she peered out of the comfort of the blanket and curled the fingers of her hand in a small wave.

“T-Thank you…. yes, I can see just fine… um…” Brought out of her shell, Calne Ca thought briefly on this, before moving to speak again.

“… Would you like them?” And with that, she set down her cup and began unbuttoning her pajama top.

Aww, what a cute smile! Why was this girl so shy? Well, it was a bit rude to think that - everyone had varying degrees of social comfort.
"You`re welcome." She responded calmly, sweetly, waving back at the red-head. What nice pigtails…maybe later on in the evening, she could braid them.
She was so distracted by these thoughts that she didn`t have time to notice where Calne`s hands were wandering.
"O-oh no! Don`t take off your clothes in front of everyone!" Minako felt her hands become a flurry of action, stopping Calne Ca`s hands from going any further down her shirt.
"I was just admiring them, silly." She noted with a gentle tone, attempting not to chastise the girl for her actions. Maybe…she just didn`t get out much! Yes, that was it.  

[ was this REALLY a good idea…? ] SoF sleepover open!


Akihiko was somewhat in a daze, staring off into space by the time Minako bumped into him. It snapped him out of his daze, about to wear a scowl and tell the person to watch where they’re going. But he caught himself, knowing it’d be bad manners and whatnot. Social skills, Akihiko. Social skills.

Then when he saw who it was, he was taken aback slightly. What was Minako doing here? He quickly shook it off, offering a small smile. She was in her pajamas, huh? It seemed that some other girls were also in just PJs…he disregarded that, though, his attention now gived to Minako.

“It’s a surprise to see you here, Minako…and yeah, of course I am! I’m only the best, you know,” he stated matter-of-factly, smirking slightly. “So why’re you here?”

Bright red eyes blinked at Akihiko`s blank expression, pleased when it blossomed into a smile. She knew he wasn`t very…social, that is. Junpei had often told her about his inattentiveness to that fanclub of his.
She could also remember being a victim of their venomous gazes when she and Akihiko managed to hang out - yikes indeed.
"For the same reason you are." She answered brightly before pausing a moment. No, she wasn`t here for the boxing team!
"Oh, right." Minako laughed a big sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head before shaking it once to clear her thoughts. “Just kidding! Something about this place sounded really…amazing, didn`t you think so?”
Her tone of voice and expression morphed into one of excitement. 
"I mean, when you read that pamphlet, this place sounded like it was tailor fit to you, right?" 
"It`s nice to be in a dorm with so many people. It`s nothing like Iwatodai." 

☣ Sleepover


Calne Ca had spent the night before studying all she could about sleepovers. What kind of games were played, the food she was expected to eat, a curious activity called ‘panty raiding’… She thought herself to both physically and mentally prepared. She had even bought new pajamas, soft and pink, with little yellow duckies.

But once she had arrived, she had stayed huddled against the corner, a cup of juice in her hands and a blanket covering her head. Even with all the newly acquired knowledge, she had yet to hold the ocnfidence to put it to good use.

What if her jaw fell off again? What if the bugs within her escaped and wrecked havoc? What if she stole the wrong pair of panties?

“… Maybe I should have stayed in my room…”

One of the best parts of a sleep over was seeing everyone`s pajamas. Some had an extremely classy selection of only the finest cotton pajamas, but they were so plainly decorated!
Minako loved it when people were more adventurous and chose things like polka dots, tiny elephants or—
"Little yellow ducks…how cute."
Minako found herself sighing over a girl`s pajamas before she even knew it. Clamping a hand over her mouth, the teen peered up at the girl who…had a blanket over her head?
"U-um excuse me?" She said with a slight chuckle. "Can you see alright under there?"

[ was this REALLY a good idea…? ] SoF sleepover open!


So he had finally arrived, sure he was late—but he was there, right? That’s all that should matter, really. Akihiko was never really the big partier type, so this was definitely a surprise, even to himself. The boxer had nothing else to do, so it couldn’t hurt. He had trained and worked out a lot recently so it would be a hopefully nice break.

He glanced around, raising a brow. There were definitely a good amount of people here…Hm. Maybe he could socialize a bit? That wouldn’t be too hard. Akihiko seemed to always attract people, even if he didn’t want to. They sort of just levitate over to him. And for once, he actually wanted people to come to him.

He sighed, leaning against the wall and observed the others. Wasn’t there going to be some sort of game going on…? 7 minutes in heaven? What even IS that? Well he would just have to find out, right? It was surely a game he could dominate! He is Akihiko Sanada, number one boxer and strongest guy out there, after all. 

Sleep overs were indubitably something that most girls could find themselves attracted to, looking forward to pillow fights and spilling secrets.
But since she was new here, it would be all about making new friends! Especially since it was co-ed there could be all sorts of people here, as well as teacher supervisors. Then she could get updated on the homework, just in case she slept through class.
Old habits die hard, as they say.
Minako looked around curiously for someone who looked like they needed a partner to talk to. Shuffling along in her fuzzy slippers, she felt herself bump into someone slightly taller than she.
"Excuse me—! Akihiko?" The brunette excitedly cocked her head to the side, slightly embarrassed they were seeing each other while she was in her pink pajamas.
Oh well, he`d seen her in numerous other clothes as they ventured through Tartarus, so! It was just like another journey in the Dark Hour
except less deadly.  
"I had no idea you were attending Tancho as well! No doubt you`re on the boxing team here, huh?" 

finally! [open]


Pascal skipped up to her dorm. She held a map of the campus with some red marks indicating that she would be in Dorm J-1. Pascal leaned her shotstaff on her shoulder as she gazed up at the enormous campus. She felt the butterflies in her stomach flitting around even harder than they were before. 

Glancing down at the map again, she couldn’t make heads or tails of it. She had never been good with directions, using landmarks to get around. Now that Pascal was in a new setting, she would have to figure a way around, but right now she was dead lost. 

Her head swivelling, seeing all the people around her, she grabbed the nearest passerby’s sleeve. 

“Hey, could you help me find this dorm here?” she held out the map. “It would toootally be great if you could!”

The wonders of a fresh new campus. Minako could remember the excitement in the tips of her toes when walking into Gekkoukan for the first time, and Tancho academy was no different. But goodness, was it big! Fingers clutched tightly to her map, a daintily polished finger suddenly pointed right to where she had scribbled J-1 in hurried script.
"This should be the place…I think." The girl muttered before folding up her map again. Upon doing so, she noted that…the script was upside down! Had she been writing on the map while it wasn`t even right side up?!

She needed more sleep.
Making a mental note to pay attention to those little details, Minako righted her map and attempted to find a proper route from wherever here was and back to her dorm where she belonged!  
Pivoting onto the heels of her mary janes, she decided it was high time to get a move on. It was hard to move when someone had grabbed onto you, though.
Confused red eyes locked onto a rather curious looking girl with a…very large staff gripped in the other hand. Was she in the drama club?? Maybe they had a stage play soon…and that was one very large prop.
"Wh— dorm J…Oh, hey! You`re in my dorm." Minako piped up excitedly. She was another transfer student just like her then. What a way not to feel alone.
"To be honest I`m kinda lost too…but since we`re in the same place, I`ll bet we find it no sweat."   


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